Bella Nails is your escape from stress! 



Many of you have been searching for a professional with experience to help you achieve GREAT looking nails.  Whether you are a woman or man, business professional, housewife, student or retired, I can help you achieve the best nails possible for your life style.

One common question many people ask me is should they get an artificial application or go au natural.They are confused with all the different artificial choices, heard horror stories and don’t know which way to go.  They may have dry nails, flaky nails, brittle nails, peeling nails or nails that break all the time and think artificial is the only choice they have.  Not so!  I can help you make an educated decision.

Let’s not forget your feet.  You know……. those two things at the end of your legs that are squashed into stilettos, boots or pointed shoes.  Ouch!   Choose the type of pedicure you want, then settle into a massaging pedicure chair while your feet are soaking in a scented whirlpool foot bath. 

Feel free to call with any questions you may, check on specials or to reserve your special time  I am located inside Rumors Salon & Spa.  My hours are: Thurs, Fri & Sat from 9 am to 5pm by APPOINTMENT ONLY

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