"I have been with Diane for nearly 12 years.  I came to her when my nails were splitting and peeling and she prescribed the right regimen to make them look like new.  I call her the "Nail Doctor" for what she did for my natural nails.  I would recommend Diane to anyone wanting a great manicure or pedicure, she is awesome!"--Jenn

"I have been a client of Diane's since 1996 and have been very pleased with the level of service that I have received.  I would not feel comfortable going to any other technician as she maintains the highest level of cleanliness.  She is a professional technician with a good rapport with her customers.  Top qualities:  personable, on time.).--Claudia

"I was introduced to Diane 14 years ago by a friend of mine.  I have been with her ever since.  On a few occasions, I have experienced other manicurists, but was not happy.  I am a diabetic and need to keep a close eye on my feet.  I rely on Diane (with her nursing background) to keep my feet healthy."--Elizabeth

"I have been going to Diane since 2000.  Diane is a thorough professional in her field.  She keeps her equipment and her space immaculate, is an expert at scheduling and has a sense of humor.  She is also knowledgeable about medical issues and has alerted me to conditions that needed professional medical attention.  As a diabetic, I will not trust my fingers and toes to anyone else!"--Kate

"I have had many pedicures over the years and Diane has by far given me the best pedicure, ever!  She is extremely knowledgeable and willing to educate her clients in the proper care and maintenance of hands and feet."--Maggie

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